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Dangerous times demand courageous voices.
Bob Avakian is such a voice.

Bob Avakian combines an unsparing critique of the history and current direction of American society with a sweeping view of world history and the potential for humanity. He has brought forth a fresh, relevant and compelling approach to Marxism, deeply analyzing the history of the Communist movement and the socialist revolutions and upholds their achievements. At the same time, he honestly confronts and criticizes what he views as their shortcomings, opening up new paths of inquiry in the process and initiating dialogue with people who hold a wide range of views. He’s addressing the burning problems before society from a unique vantage point, and we consider his revolutionary analysis and solutions to be an important and necessary part of the ferment and discourse required in this society and the world in this dark time. While those of us signing this statement do not necessarily agree with all of his views, we have come away from encounters with Avakian provoked and enriched in our own thinking, and we invite others to hear and engage that voice. READ ENTIRE STATEMENT

What is Engage?
In the dark times we face today in the U.S. and the world, we are a network that shares the view that it will make an important difference if people from all spheres of society can engage with Bob Avakian and his work. We have come away from encounters with Bob Avakian provoked and enriched in our own thinking and we invite others to hear and engage that voice.

Engage! is a network of all kinds of people who seek to bring forward others from academia, the arts, the legal arena, clergy, groups of workers, housing project residents, students, immigrants and others who from their own perspectives have engaged with Bob Avakian's voice and who will take up the mission of projecting and also protecting his voice and defending his right to freely advocate and organize for his views.

This website will encourage engagement with his work and will keep people informed about new projects and activities.


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Donate to Engage! "Dangerous times demand courageous voices. Bob Avakian is such a voice" has been published in the Nov. 22nd New York Review of Books. Please contribute to this as well as future publications. This is a critical step in opening up a new conversation in this dark time. Publishing the statement with this impressive list of diverse signatories, from different sections of society, with many different views, will be a public salvo. We are calling on others to engage with Bob Avakian's work and, at a time of sharply increased repression, we are making it known that we intend to defend his ability to be heard.


What's New

Bob Avakian's major talk, Revolution: Why It's Necessary, Why It's Possible, What It's All About, was posted online in its entirety several months ago, along with four three- to five-minute clips on YouTube in English and Spanish.
Check out an important new talk by Bob Avakian ...READ MORE
The REVOLUTION is real. Watch it. Spread it.,


We encourage you to read this talk and share any comments you may have of it.  For your information, we are including the Table of Contents from the talk. 

Help popularize Revolution: Why It’s Necessary, Why It’s Possible, What It’s All About, a film of a talk by Bob Avakian. This four-part film is online at .

Check out the new statement:
The Revolution We Need...
The Leadership We Have
A Message, And A Call,
 From The Revolutionary
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The Ascendancy of Obama...
and the continued Need for
Resistance and Liberation:
a Dialogue between Cornel
West & Carl Dix."
program was presented by
Revolution Books on July 14
2009. It was held at the Harp
lem Stage of Aaron Davis
Hall in New York to an
overfilled crowd of 650
with a couple hundred
turned away. This is a
rough cut of the video with-
out the audience. READ MORE

Selected Signatories!

Mumia Abu-Jamal, author, journalist, anti-imperialist
Aladdin, actor and comedian
William Ayers, Prof., Univ. of Illinois, Chicago*
Fr. Luis Barrios, John Jay College*
Ulises Bella, Ozomatli*
Alan Benchich, President, UAW Local 909
Dennis Bernstein, award-winning investigative reporter& host of Flashpoints on Pacifica Radio*
Fr. Daniel Berrigan
Herb Boyd, author, journalist
Dennis Brutus, former prisoner, Robben Island, South Africa, poet, Professor Emeritus, University of Pittsburgh*
Ward Churchill, independent scholar
Culture Clash

Chuck D
Emory Douglas, Former Black Panther*
Carol Downer, Feminist Women's HealthCenters*
Richard Duardo, artist
Ramona Dvořák, MD, Harvard Medical School*
Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, University Professor, Georgetown University*
Rev. Jon Eckels , poet, human rights activist
Scott Edwards. concerned citizen
Sam Hamill, poet
Jack Hirschman, SF Poet Laureate
Danny Hoch, actor and playwright
Peter McLaren, Professor of Education, UCLA*
Sonia Sanchez
Jimmy Slater, Black Panther Party,*
Tolbert Small, M.D., George Jackson Free Clinic for the Black Panther Party*
Sparrow, poet
Taylor Trowbridge
Optical Physicist, Los Angeles
Kinan Valdez, writer, director, El Teatro Campesino,*
David Was, musician, singer, songwriter,composer, Was Not Was*
Rev. George W. Webber, Professor of Urban Ministry, President Emeritus, NY Theological Seminary*
Saul Williams, artist
Kriss Worthington, Berkeley City
Rev. Yearwood, Freedom Fighter
Al Young, California Poet Laureate*
David Zeiger, filmmaker, Sir, No Sir!
Slavoj Žižek

Full list of Signatories


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